"Humanitarian Map" was presented at Rossotrudnichestvo

On November 23, Rossotrudnichestvo hosted a presentation dedicated to the launch of the “Humanitarian Map” digital portal.

Sometimes people abroad are not informed of the humanitarian assistance provided by Russia to other countries, said the Head of Rossotrudnichestvo, Yevgeny Primakov at a press conference on Monday dedicated to the presentation of the “Humanitarian Map” created by the Humanitarian Monitor Project.

There is no objective image of what we are doing abroad", – said Primakov, passing over the floor to one of the co-founders of "Humanitarian monitor" project Mikhail Petrosyan. He stated that currently there is no consolidated public information about Russian humanitarian aid. But such resources are available in all foreign donor countries - the USA, France and others.

The presented “Humanitarian Map” is the first database in Russia on this topic to be collected from open official sources such as the media, embassies, and other organizations. According to him, "there is also the potential for crowdsourcing of information –that is when everyone who has any knowledge can add to this list".

“Our mission is to tell the world, our citizens and experts about how Russia helps partner countries. We understand that there are external factors and difficulties in conveying the objective image of our country to a foreign audience, and we think that the map can become one of the tools of communication” – Mikhail Petrosyan, co-founder of the project.

At the moment the database “Humanitarian Map” includes more than 65 countries, to which Russia has provided assistance. Over 220 aid factors have been recorded. Data has been collected from over 400 sources. Aid is focussed on the public sector, the first two lines being occupied by health and food support operations.

Fyodor Lukyanov, editor-in-chief of Russia in Global Policy, said that “For a long time, this part of our foreign policy activity did not fall into the spotlight, and I am very glad that this work has begun with us. It is extremely important to show the full palette of humanitarian assistance and the fact that the work was carried out and is being carried out, despite some shortcomings in the previous period in this area”, he said.

The portal "Humanitarian Map" can be found by following the link https://www.russianassistance.ru

* The Humanitarian Map portal is the first online platform that consolidates data on Russian humanitarian assistance and international development assistance projects. Users have access to interactive filters, statistical information panel and much more. There is also an English version of the portal.