Yevgeny Primakov will take part in the presentation of the platform «Humanitarian Map»

On November 23, at 1:30 PM (IST) Rossotrudnichestvo will organize a press conference, dedicated to the launch of the "Humanitarian Map" digital platform from the Humanitarian Monitor project with the participation of the head of the Agency, Yevgeny Primakov.

The Humanitarian Map platform will be the first online platform on which data from open sources on Russian humanitarian assistance and projects to promote international development will be consolidated. Interactive filters, a statistical dashboard, and more will be available to users; the English version has been prepared for foreign users.

The Humanitarian Monitor team's mission is to increase awareness of the Russian and foreign audiences about the contribution of the Russian Federation to the promotion of international development. The Humanitarian Map can be one of the tools to achieve this goal.

During the presentation and expert discussion, the following issues will be discussed:

- to whom, when and how Russia sent humanitarian aid in 2020;

- practical aspects of coordination and communication support of the Russian promotion of international development;

- Participation of the Russian corporate sector and non-profit organizations in humanitarian projects: problems and prospects.

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