Pushkin's silent poetry was narrated in Chennai

On September 24, despite the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the RCSC in Chennai hosted a solemn program "Silent Poetry" dedicated to the Day of Russian Language. The event was organized by the Association of Russian Compatriots from Chennai.

"Silent Poetry" began with the opening of the exhibition "One More Dimension" with drawings and sketches by A.S. Pushkin. These images were prepared and presented earlier to the public in a virtual format on RCSC Chennai’s Face book page, marking the poet's birthday. The title of the exhibition “One More Dimension” is associated with the theory of “Three Perfections”. This Asian Art approach explores the interconnections between poetry, calligraphy and painting. The painting was regarded as 'silent poetry' and poetry as a “painting with sound”. The art of handwriting or calligraphy is also a very important element and instrument in this doctrine as one of the most important aesthetic vehicles of self-expression. Pushkin's drawings are full of expression, emotions and are very close to the mood and inner contents of his poems. His tachygraphy in drawings reflects the rich impulsive creativity needing being displayed immediately in various forms.

In her presentation "One More Dimension", Ms. Evgenia Solovchuk, a teacher of Russian language courses, spoke in detail on the new dimensions of the Great Russian poet's work and the concept of the exhibition “Mysterious Drawing by A S Pushkin”.

The most beautiful part of the evening was a performance by the soloist of the Bashkir State Opera and Ballet Theatre Liliana Shaykhi (Soprano), who performed romances on the poems of A.S. Pushkin.

A quiz “Drawings from Pushkin's Drafts” was also conducted. The guests of the program were happy to guess which drawings illustrate the poems and to whom among Pushkin's friends belonged the portraits made by the poet.

During the event, the children who participated in the drawing competition based on Pushkin's fairy tales were awarded.

Families of compatriots took part in the program, which was held in accordance with all sanitary and epidemiological standards.