The Action “SIX O’CLOCK IN THE EVENING AFTER THE WAR” started in Chennai

On April 13, the RCSC in Chennai announced the start of the online action “Six o’clock in the evening after the war”, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Indian citizens are invited to watch Soviet and Russian films about the Great Patriotic War, which are posted on the official Cinema Concern “Mosfilm” channel on youtube and also asked to send a video to the RCSC telling about their impressions and emotions from the film after watching it. All submitted videos will be posted on the RCSC Facebook page.

The first participant of the action was a young and talented Indian director, founder of the club “Indo-Russian Cinemas”, organizer of the BRICS Short Film Festival Mr. Venkatesh Kumar. In his video, Venkatesh shared his enthusiastic review of the movie “The Cranes Are Flying.”

Because of the action, Indian citizens will be able to watch online films about the war such as “Ballad of a Soldier”, “They Fought for their Country”, “Come and See”, “The Star”, “The Ascent” and others.