Day of Russian-Indian Mini Movies in Chennai

June 19, the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Chennai hosted a show of mini movies produced in Russia and India. The event was organized by Indo-Russian Cinemas Group and supported by the RCSC.

Mr. Gennadii Rogalev, Director of the RCSC, Chennai addressed the guests with a welcome speech along with Mr. Bobby Simha, a famous Indian film actor and a holder of the National Film Best Supporting Actor Award and Tamil Nadu Best Film Actor Award.

The screening program was started with the Russian short film “One day in a Russian Village” produced by the Russian TV channel 'Prodvizhenie', directed by Janna Tolstikova.

The show embraced seven Indian mini movies: “Nalini MA Political Science” directed by Lokesh R., “Niruban” directed by Riyaz, “Picha” directed by S. Mohan, “Iravadhigaaram” directed by Yes Kay, “Emmoen” directed by Surya, “Meiporul Kandaen” directed by John Vimal, “Iyangukiren” directed by Rahul Vignesh.

After the show, Indian directors shared their experiences of filmmaking process with the audience.

Concluding the event, Mr. Venkatesh Kumar, a Film Director and President of the Indio-Russian Cinemas Group thanked the RCSC for providing an excellently equipped and creative platform for the emerging filmmakers from India and Russia.

The audience consisting of emerging film-makers, film-managers, actors, actresses as well as guests who are faithful movie art admirers highly appreciated the event which was recognized to be dynamic, interesting and educational.