Russian movie “The Spacewalker” became the key part of the Festival of Films from the countries of BRICS

On April 15, the Russian Centre of Science and Culture held an inauguration ceremony of the festival of films from the countries of BRICS. The Festival was organized by the Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation (ICAF) and the RCSC in Chennai.

Mr. Oleg N. Avdeev, Consul-General of the Russian Federation in South India, Mr. D. Ramakrishnan, Deputy General Manager of National Film Development Corporation of India, Mr. Gennadii A. Rogalev, Director of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Chennai, Mr. Sivan Kannan, President of the ICAF, Mr. S. Nandagopal, Film Producer, Famous Cine Artist Ms. Sakshi Agarwal and Mr. E. Thangaraj, General Secretary of ICAF attended the inauguration and addressed the audience.

Film festival started with the screening of the Russian movie “The Spacewalker” directed by Dmitry Kiselev. The film is dedicated to how the first human, Aleksei Leonov, the Soviet cosmonaut took steps in outer space in 1965. The movie impressed the audience.

Around 150 people attended the inauguration ceremony including representatives of Chennai movie community, cinema admirers, public figures and numerous Russian compatriots.  The festival will run until April 17.  Its program implies screening of movies from India, Brazil, China and South Africa.