Open lesson “Yuri Gagarin – the first man in space” for Chennai Schoolchildren

On March 19, an Open lesson “Yuri Gagarin – the first man in space” was held at the “Doveton Matriculation Higher Secondary School”. It was dedicated to the 85th birth anniversary of the first cosmonaut and was organized by the Russian Centre of Science and Culture together with the School Administration.

The lesson was prepared and conducted by the employees of the RCSC Mr. A. Basha and Mr. A. Gafarov.

Mr. Albert Gafarov made a presentation “the first man in space” about the preparation of the first Soviet cosmonauts. Then, a documentary film about the little-known facts from the life of Yuri Gagarin was shown.

Mr. Arif Basha spoke to the students about the programs, events and clubs of the RCSC.

More than 200 high school students and teachers attended the lesson.