Meeting of the graduates from Soviet and Russian Universities at the RCSC

On November 24, a meeting of the graduates from the Soviet and Russian Universities was held at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Chennai.

In his welcoming speech Mr. Oleg N. Avdeev, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Chennai, noted the great contribution done by the graduates of the Soviet and Russian universities in spreading of objective information about Russia.

Mrs. Arumbu Subramaniam, well-known translator of the Novels by the Russian classical writers into Tamil language, and one of the activists of the graduates from Russian universities Dr. Krishna Raj, also addressed the participants. They gratefully remembered student’s years in Russia.

A memorable gift for the audience was an exhibition of photographs of the student life of Indian graduates during their studies in Russia.

The event aroused many happy and joyful memories of life and study in a friendly country, and as a result, it evoked an intention to continue such memorable meetings in future.