Meeting with the participants of India Russia Friendship Motor Rally

On February 27, the Russian Centre of Science and Culture held a meeting with the participants of India Russia Friendship Motor Rally.

The Rally is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Russia and India.The event was organized together with the Kalinga Motor Sports club (KMSC) and supported by Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India and The Embassy of the Russian Federation in India.

Basic objective of the Rally is a joint tour in India and Russia, to establish new ties between countries,to strengthen the existing friendship between the two great nations and expand cooperation in culture, tourism and science. This rally will promote connectivity between India and Russia to boost trade and investments.

The friendship evening at the RCSC was attended by Mr. S. L. Kotov, Consul General of the Russian Federation in South India, Ms. Yulia Antonova, Vice Consul of Russia, Mr. Praveen Bhanjdeo, President KMSC, Mr. Ramesh Mahapat, Secretary KMSC, Mr. Ejji Umamahesh, Rally coordinator in South India, members of KMSC and representatives of Mahindra Motors and the participants of Rally from Russia, India, and Thailand.

In his speech, Mr. Kotov extended gratitude towards the participants and the organizers of the Rally, and wished them a safe and smooth drive. He assured that the rally will experience a warm welcome in all the regions of Russia where the Rally will pass through.

Academy of Modern Danze at the RCSC performed dances in various styles, in the cultural program which was organized for the Rally participants.

Then all the guests were invited for dinner in Russian Restaurant where they could taste Russian dishes. 

In India, the Rally will visit most of the India Russia Joint-Ventures. 

India Leg flagged off on February 20, from Bhilai Steel Plant, State Chhattisgarh, and included travel to  Heavy Industry Plant at the city Ranchi, Metallurgical Plants at the city Bokaro and Vishakhapatnam, then rocket plant Brahmos in Hyderabad, Theosophical Society in Chennai and Nuclear Plant in Kudankulam. Rally will go through the states of Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra and Gujarat and will proceed to Antibiotic Manufacturing and Hydro Power Station at the city Rishikesh. On March 14, India leg will conclude at New Delhi.

On April 27, the rally will cross Arabian Sea from Mumbai to Bandar Abbas city. Total 20 teams of 70 participants in 22 cars will drive on the roads of Iran and Azerbaijan. The rally will enter in the Russian territory on May 7, the route across Russia will pass through the cities like Makhachkala, Astrakhan, Volgograd, Voronezh, Moscow, Tver and the run will finish at the cultural capital of Russia – Saint Petersbug on May 14, 2018.