Elective Russian Language Course started at Madras University

On August 23, an elective course of the Russian language began in the faculty of French and foreign languages at Madras University. Madras University is one of the oldest and largest universities in India. For many years, the Russian Centre of Science and Culture has been cooperating closely with the university and the course on Russian is being conducted at the faculty of French and foreign languages, where students have an opportunity to learn Russian and get acquainted with Russian culture. The duration of the course is 2 semesters, each of which is for 45 hours. 30 people enrolled for the course this year.

Opening of the course began with a presentation about Russia and Russian language. The students were addressed by Ms. Valentina Maiorova, Head of Russian language courses at the RCSC.  From the presentation, students learned about the history of the language, about the creators of Slavic writing brothers Cyril and Methodius, about the richness and beauty of Russian culture, and importance of the Russian language in today’s world. Ms. Ketaki Chandrasekar, an employee of the RCSC spoke about her first visit to Russia during the FIFA World Cup. She shared her impressions about Moscow and St. Petersburg and also noted the importance of knowledge of Russian for traveling in Russia.

Then students learned the Russian alphabet and to read simple words.